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Creating A Sport Together

Creating A Sport Together

Fitness has been the fastest growing sport in the last twenty years and today is the sport with the most organized members worldwide, with hundreds of thousands of different gyms, boxes, bootcamp clubs, and PT studios. HYROX provides your members a new purpose to fuel their training and a new sport to compete in. Their sport is HYROX.

HYROX Gym Affiliation Program

The HYROX Gym Affiliation Program is a partnership, built around the growing appetite of members to train with purpose, to be part of a strong community and to have fun. Additionally it provides gyms the tools, services and benefits to help integrate HYROX successfully into their programming. HYROX helps grow your business through lead generation, member retention and HYROX partner promotions. Across the world, more than 2000 gyms have already partnered up with HYROX.

The Benefits

The HYROX Gym Affiliation consists of the following benefits:

For the Gym

  • HYROX Gym Partner status and use of logo and image rights
  • Discounts and exclusive benefits from HYROX Brand Partners
  • Ability and tools required to host HYROX training days, classes and programming
  • Marketing and communication support
  • Visibility on the HYROX Gym Finder and HYROX social media presence
  • Host a HYROX Physical Fitness Test (PFT)

For the Members

  • Dedicated HYROX entry discount codes for members
  • Official HYROX classes, training, programming and expert advice
  • Access to the HYROX Partner Gym Area at HYROX events
  • Chance to win great HYROX prizes

For the Coaches

  • Certified HYROX Training qualification through attendance of the HYROX Academy
  • Access to the HYROX Training App for programming, group classes and learning modules (coming soon…)

More Information

What does it cost? 

Affiliation starts from as little as R1900 a month or R19 000 annually

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