Elite 15 Series

What is the Elite 15 Series

What is the Elite 15 Series

The Elite 15 Series is the top tier of HYROX fitness racing. The fittest athletes in the world battle in some of the most famous cities on earth, in custom built indoor stadiums, broadcast live for cash prizes, titles and honor. Racing across the HYROX Season, the best athletes must earn their spots to compete in a constantly evolving field of hyper competitive professionals.

Shoulder to shoulder, eye to eye and face to face from the start to the finish, an Elite 15 race is the ultimate heart pounding, lung heaving spectacle of human performance.

Any person stepping foot on the floor of a HYROX race track may one day earn the right to enter the hallowed records of the Elite 15 and compete with some of the greatest fitness athletes in the world.

With over $300,000 in prize money available across the 2023/24 Season, the stakes have never been higher and the racing never more exciting.

The Elite 15 Series is comprised of 3 separate event categories: Majors, Last Chance Qualifiers (LCQ) and the Elite 15 World Championships. Scroll down to see some helpful context on each of these categories.

Interested in qualifying for the Elite 15? Watch HYROX cofounder, Moritz Furste, explain the details.

The Majors

The Majors are 4 main events that provide the first opportunity for an athlete to qualify for the Elite 15 World Championship.

Athletes have earned their right to compete in a Major through their performance in Elite 15 events in the previous 2022/23 Season or through qualifying times from the current 2023/24 Season. This Season, the 4 Majors are the Scandinavian, European, HYROX and the US Major.

Hosted in some of the grandest cities on earth, the Majors offer Elite athletes the chance to own coveted Major titles, earn prize money and qualify for the Elite 15 World Championships. These multi-day fitness racing spectacles also offer every day HYROX competitors the opportunity to share the floor with the rockstars of HYROX, with regular open format events running during each of the Majors.

The Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ)

Last chance! Introduced this Season, the 2 Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) events are the final opportunity for our top athletes to secure a ticket to the Elite 15 World Championship! Once all of the qualifying spots from the Majors have been awarded, our top athletes have one last chance to make their mark for the remaining spots.

Anyone can compete at a LCQ. So, expect to see a hugely competitive field of athletes take to the floor and produce their Season best efforts as they strive to join the ranks of the sport’s greatest athletes. Those that miss the mark will need to wait another year for their shot at the glory of the Elite 15 World Championship! Racing with everything on the line, the pressure will forge future diamonds for the HYROX world.

Elite 15 World Championships

The HYROX World Championships is both the pinnacle of HYROX racing and of the Elite 15 Series! Through the 4 Majors and 2 Last Chance Qualifiers, the top 15 male and top 15 female athletes will have qualified as the coveted Elite 15. Alongside the Age Group competitors at the spectacular World Championship, the Elite 15 race for the top title of HYROX Elite 15 World Champion! Who will it be this Season?

Broadcasted live for athletes and fans to watch from all over the world, the Elite 15 race at the World Championships is the absolute highlight of the weekend!