Frequently Asked Questions

Your sport is HYROX. HYROX is the fitness race for Every Body. If you are over 16 years old and want to take on the challenge, you are more than welcome at HYROX.  With Pro, Open, Doubles and Relay Divisions, there is a race for every one. There are no maximum time caps or qualifications necessary. Our oldest competitor is 73 years old and still going strong.

HYROX is growing rapidly around the world and new countries and cities are constantly being added to the calendar. HYROX is normally organized in large indoor expo venues to make sure we can host as many athletes as possible. A HYROX event venue is around 12,.000m2 (120,000 square feet), that’s 3 soccer pitches!

In order to qualify for the HYROX World Championships, you need to participate in any of our 45 races.  Depending on your division and age group, a certain number of Qualifying slots are awarded at each race.  If you are one of those great performers, you will receive an invitation and have up to 48 hours to claim your spot, otherwise it will be allocated to the next competitor. Please note that there are no qualification spots for the HYROX Relay. At the HYROX World Championships in Manchester England in 2023 there were over 2,400 athletes from 47 countries.

There are eleven age groups within the individual divisions, five age groups within the doubles division and 2 for the Relay.  The age groups are broken down as follows:

Individual Division

  1. 16-24
  2. 25-29
  3. 30-34
  4. 35-39
  5. 40-44
  6. 45-49
  7. 50-55
  8. 55-59
  9. 60-64
  10. 65-69 (This is the Oldest Age Group for the Pro’s)
  11. 70+

Doubles Division

  1. 16-29
  2. 30-39
  3. 40-49
  4. 50-59
  5. 60-70+

Relay Division

  1. 16-39
  2. 40+

Each division has their own start time slots. Your specific start time will be emailed to you a week prior to the event, so make sure you keep an eye out. It is recommended that you arrive a minimum of 90 minutes before your start time in order to allow enough time to register and warm up.

HYROX is an official sport with global rankings and results. Please click on the links below to view the competition rulebooks for the different divisions.

As HYROX is a race for Every Body, we have tried to make the workouts as
accessible as possible, so although there are basic movement standards, it
should be easily executed.

This will depend on your fitness level. The average HYROX finisher time last season was 1 hour and 32 minutes. But the race has no time cap! Some finishers take 3 hours while our current HYROX World Record Holders Hunter McIntyre and Megan Jacoby have completed the race in xx and 58:58 respectively.

HYROX is the race you’re already training for. The Train section of the website provides you with all the necessary information. Whether you want to train at home, at a local HYROX Partner Gym or through a digital fitness app, there are several ways to get HYROX ready. A standard HYROX race is equally balanced between strength and endurance, so the best training is a mixture of these two components

You can make selected changes to your participation up to one week before the event for a small service fee. For more detailed information, please read the General Terms and Conditions of the country your event takes place in. Click here and you will be forwarded to an overview page of the countries T&C’s. Please note that the rebooking rules have changed compared to last season!

In general, these changes to your booking are possible (a detailed explanation can be found in the terms and conditions linked above):

  • Participant change (as long as gender and event remain the same)
  • Event change (as long as participants and gender remain the same and the event in the booked division is not sold out)
  • A change of divisions is generally NOT possible, except in one special case: A Doubles Ticket can be changed into a Single Ticket if a team member becomes ill. Please note that this will invalidate the 2nd starting place without a refund.

Refunds are excluded (also in case of illness)

If your event takes place in 2023, please contact us via the contact form or the support button in the bottom right corner (If available). For events taking place in 2024, please contact the support of our new ticketing portal via the following link:

Spectators are absolutely welcome. There’s nothing better than racing in front of your friends and family! Spectator tickets can be purchased online and on site (card payment only).

Our HYROX Customer Service teams are always there to help and answer any questions you might have. Depending on which country your event takes place in or to which HYROX market your question refers to, contact the individual Customer Service teams of the respective countries directly. We will try to come back to you as soon as possible! All regional email addresses or contact forms can be found here: