HYROX Family

Our Sport is HYROX

Our Sport is HYROX

As phrased by our community themselves: “Some race to compete, whilst others race to complete.”

Your sport is HYROX. The race format of HYROX may look intimidating from the outside, but we assure you, with 10 different entry categories to choose from, you’re ready for the challenge now. Each functional station is based on natural movements, that means nothing technical. The uniquely scalable elements of our sport, make HYROX truly accessible for Every Body.

This is the sport you’re already training for! Experience the extraordinary feeling of crossing the finish line and being welcomed into the #HYROXFAMILY.


The Fitness Race For Everybody

Our community is one of a kind and has been at the very heart of the rapid growth of HYROX all around the world. With more than 100,000 athletes calling themselves HYROX finishers in the last Season alone, the trend is rising!

Many HYROX athletes travel to participate in events in different countries, exploring new cities and spending time with the HYROX community. The #HYROXFAMILY is what unites us all, whether you are an athlete, a supporter, a volunteer, a judge or an affiliate gym. Together, we are a global movement of like-minded people, who all share the same passion for camaraderie, fitness, competition and a healthy lifestyle.

His Sport is HYROX

Marcus Ellwell, a 40-year old father of three, was diagnosed with a brain tumor in May 2021. After undergoing emergency surgery to remove the tumor, Marcus had lost the ability to even lift a spoon to his mouth and faced life in a wheelchair. Despite the devastating diagnosis, Marcus determinedly taught himself to walk again, and in October 2022, competed in Men’s Doubles at HYROX Birmingham.

Marcus entered HYROX to have a goal to look forward to and work towards during his ongoing battle. Since his race, he has now found a new sport, a new community and a new passion.

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