Open Regional Championships

Become a Hyrox U.S. or European Champion

Become a Hyrox U.S. or European Champion

This 2023/24 Season, HYROX will host both an Open U.S. Championships and an Open European Championships. Unlike the World Championships, these two Open Regional Championships do not require qualification to enter and are open to all of our athletes. That means absolutely anyone can sign up!

What’s unique? Racing at the Open U.S. Championship or Open European Championship gives athletes the unique opportunity to represent their country for a chance to be deemed the Age Group U.S. Champion or Age Group European Champion!

Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or a newcomer to the sport, the HYROX Open Regional Championships are the perfect gateway to put your fitness to the test against others in your respective age group and push yourself to new heights.

Season 23/24

  • Open EUROPEAN Championships
    Vienna | Europe | February 10th 2024
  • en U.S. Championships
    Washington D.C. | USA | March 2nd 2024

Head to our Event listing page to learn more about the details of each Championships.