World Championships

Become a World Class Athlete

Become a World Class Athlete

The HYROX World Championships are the pinnacle of each HYROX Season, where the best athletes from all around the world come together to battle it out for the highly sought after title of Age Group World Champion.

The qualification process for the World Championships is simple. Athletes can qualify at any of the regular HYROX global races this Season by achieving one of the top placings in their age group. The number of qualifying spots available at each race are dependent on the total number of participants.

If an athlete who has already qualified and registered for the World Championships qualifies again at another race, this qualification place will automatically be reassigned to the next ranking athlete in the rolldown. All qualified athletes will be notified of their World Championship qualification via email, and will have 48 hours to secure their spot. If they do not secure their spot within this time-frame, their qualification will be reassigned to the next athlete in the rolldown.

Don’t wait, sign up for any HYROX Season event to see if you have what it takes to qualify for this Season’s World Championship. Who’s to say you’re not our next Age Group World Champion!

Psst… are you left wondering about the title of World Champion? Learn more about our Elite 15 Series! These Elite athletes are the superheroes of HYROX. They also compete at the World Championships, but for the title of Overall World Champion.